Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Genesis
  3. The creation of a blog;
    1. Art direction
    2. Blogging as a medium
    3. Blogging goal: December 2019
  4. Studing history through internet history
  5. Keyboard Only
  6. Renaissance Man
  7. OCD
  8. Predicting behavior
  9. Aesthetics
  10. That’s all folks


I have cut out many headings but it still is a lot. These are some of the few things that I intend to post here, on this blog. This post acts as a little collection of things to make me remember and easily achieve the 30 posts goal of this month. Sorry for this post being heavily unedited.

The creation of a blog;

In 2011, Sonia Harmond, a French archaeologist discovered the Lomekwi 3 stone tools in Kenya near the town of Lomekwi. These tools have been discovered dating to 3.3 million years, making them the oldest tools ever found. Lomekwi 3 is the name of the archaeological site where the tools have been found. Among the tools, are anvils. Anvils are metalworking tools. But the meaning of an avil below is beyond its use. It symbolises utility and technology and primitive tools.

The oldest known cave paintings are as old as 44,000 years old. These are of animals like deers and bisons

The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Pyramid texts are one of the oldest works of literature. These works tell stories that have become part of new cultures and have constantly been transfered throughout history and still remain alive. These stories try to make sense of what is means to be alive, have consciousness, to communicate with symbols, and run out of chaos.

The Knap of Howar, a farmstead on an island of Scotland, is one of the oldest buildings in the world.

These old thinggs are still with us and we might be made up of the same particles that the people who made the Lomekwi tools were made of. And that is absolutey crazy.

Drawing a parallel, I’m like those people and thig blog as a whole and this post in particular is like an anvil or painting. And this thought fills my heart with deep peace.

Art direction

I was watching the Graham Norton Show the other day, and found the art direction to be better than most comedy talk talks. Everthing, the intro animation, music, the stage design, the host’s manner of talking, the jokes, the atmosphere and the mood established was unchanging and coherent throughout the show. I will experiment art direction on this blog to see how it goes.

Blogging as a medium

This blog will also explore as an art form. How blogging acts as a representation structure of the mind, the changing self, and the forever flow of symbols and everything. How the medium itself can be enhanced

Blogging goal: December 2019

The near-future goal is to publish at least 30 posts before 2020. And hopefully keep a strong pace and keep publishing throughout my life. Maybe hundreds of thousands of posts, who knows?

Studing history through internet history

Finding patterns in that time period because it is definitely the most documented epoch of time and the one we are currently living through.

Keyboard Only

I know many keyboard shortcuts and hardly even use the mouse/touchpad. But this time I’m going full keyboard meaning that I will gradually and gracefully reduce the usage of any graphical user interface like the file manager or the browser. I will keep updating here on this blog on any steps that I take to go Keyboard Only. Let’s call this Project K.

Renaissance Man

Before I turn 30, I plan to become a professional/academic/full-time renaissance man. This will include completing Khan Academy, reading Britannica, reading the dictionary, doing the material from edX/Coursera/MIT OCW, making projects and experimenting and doing everything. Let’s call it Project R.


OCD is kind of like a disability. I have dealt with mental rituals and visual symmetry anxiety since I was very young. All of these have subsided by now but caused a great lot of anxiety in older days. I will try to share my personal experiences and try to make sense of everything. Let’s call it Project O.

Predicting behavior

After I had finished watching Revolutionary Road, a drama directed by Sam Mendes based on the 1961 eponymous novel by Richard Yates, during some time thinking about the film, mainly based on the plot, I realized that human behavior can be completely mechanically predicted. Whether or not this is true, it sparked a deep fascination with being able to predict human behavior, in everything including meeting people to those of different kinds of professions to those of different eras and cultures. What makes one person laugh or other doesn’t? What is the nature of emotions, moods and atmospheres in a person? Maybe there can be mathematical forms for these kinds of things or not. I’m calling all activity in the domain Project B.


What is the meaning of art? How art interacts with a person? Who makes art? Why do people make art? What defines a film or a painting or any art form? How do you differentiate art from anything else? What is the difference between a film on TV versus on a mobile phone? All these kinds of questions and other, I’m including in Project A.

That’s all folks

That’s is mostly what I’ll be sharing through this blog. I would love to see your comment and would try to reply to every single one.