Hey there interested reader

I was just reading this book on how to take short steps to drastically improve a blog and the first tip was to come up with an elevator pitch both short and long. The short to make people get hooked and the long one to further educate them on the blog and maybe even, potentially, to convert them into avid readers of the blog.

Defining the audience

The things that I will be initially covering on this blog are programming stuff, philosophy and personal goals and projects that I will be working on. Having said that, things will change too and, who knows, even see the light of the day. What?

So, I guess, the readers would be peolple interested in programming, philosophy, and related things. And these mostly would be professional people, that I can predict.

Naming the website

The title currently just says ‘hammad.blog’, same as the internet address. Let’s name this blog “The Lomekwian” after the 3.3 million years old tools discovered in Keyna. As I have discussed before on the blog, these are the oldest man-made thing known. One of the tools discovered is an anvil, so I guess a weird anvil would be an interesting logo for the site.

Does this blog solve any real problems?

I guess not really any problem that is critical at the moment. But I’ll be covering complete JavaScript and Haskell tutorials, they might come in handy.

There you go: the short one

“The Lomekwian is my personal blog. Reading it will make you wicked smart.”

Here it is: the long one

*The Lomekwian is a blog that exists, at large, as the thought product of its sole author, Hammad, a place where he shares his passions, projects, adventures and goals, and finally while leaning as a symbol of human presence”

Using the elavator pitch

I will try putting this on as a tagline below the website title and include it in the about page.

Till then

See you in the next episode.