Photo by Nathan Shipps on Unsplash

What makes you work today at peak performance may not work itself tomorrow. Do you need willpower or motivation? A todo list, a plan, a system, grit, perseverance, a the perfect routine(s)? Do you need all of them? When exactly will you get started on your plan? When will you start to remain true to it consistently? When, finally, will you evolve out of this anarchy into the special person you thought you always were? When will this picture of reality and that of the dream overlap to fully fit and not form some form of distorted misery? Maybe you are near. How will you get your special and ideal future self to share a shadow with you?

This is my first post here and eventually one of the thousands. I plan to document my life, thoughts, and endeavors that I plan to pursue this year, in the posts to come. I actually have a lot of disconnected wires in my brain that are begging to get connected and be able to let a good amount of charge flow to the destination. It’s important to get those wires assembled because there is no destination without a journey. And the ugly part is that I focus too much on the destination without paying any heed to the journey itself. Those charges are a bunch of essential things that I must do on a rigorous schedule. But, unfortunately, I’ve only been paying a little amount of time on the most important things and when I do, it’s just a few minutes sooner or later in the day, in which I just get bogged down in the intricacies of the most unimportant parts of the most important things.

To change the course of my life from going the unintended way, I’ve decided to refrain from the support of willpower, motivation and other such things as getting engrossed in making deep plans, systems or anything of that nature which holds me back from starting. And that start doesn’t have to be good. It’s to be a mere start. A small edge to get by. It’s to hold to small edges and finding other edges to strengthen your grasp. Sooner, you would be completely grasping it. And, one day you would be on top of it. Your real shadow would abide by the boundaries, size, and shape of that idealistic and futurist shadow of that special someone — the near future you.

What you first need to do is to find an edge, not to do anything special, but to get a hold just enough to save you from falling. And, every day, you keep holding it and move ahead while being on the lookout for new edges, or maybe old edges you know but never had a swing from. For me, it is this blog post that’s the first edge.

You must act now. You first edge maybe a post like this. It may be a small video, it may be a paragraph or a walk — you already know it, don’t you? Go take the plunge.

Your failure to act may make you the person you never intended to be. Take control of your mind. Separate yourself from your body. Let your identity hold your consciousness accountable.